Forecasting platform and analysis of energy generation and demand

Forecasting platform and analysis of energy generation and demand


Thori accelerates the digital transformation of the energy sector by automating processes supported by robust, scalable and secure software architectures. Thori leverages proprietary artificial intelligence methodologies for the design and construction of
(i) future scenarios,

(ii) energy demand and generation forecasts and,
(iii) efficient management of energy assets.

Thori adds value today to grid operators in the country and with its continued development will allow the sector to advance in the challenges of smart metering and distributed generation. A digitized and efficient energy sector is a guarantee of sustainable development and greater benefits for users.


Use Case 1 Customer Impact

The most advanced forecasting tool in the country. World Energy Council – Colombia.

Thori allows energy market players the ability to automate hundreds of forecasts with the confidence of having the best accuracy in the market, control over every step of the forecasting process execution, analysis tools and results interpretation.

Use Case 2 Impact

Burere, The most innovative and sustainable project in Colombia and the third in Latin America. SAP 2019 Solution for forecasting and optimizing fuel consumption in heavy-duty truck fleets.

Burere allows to reduce fuel consumption in medium and large truck fleets by up to 10%. Burere incorporates administrative and operational information from truck fleets and can be adapted to include weather and road availability information.




Forecasting platform and analysis of energy generation and demand


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