Staying one step ahead is essential for the growth of your company,
that’s why we make technology your best ally.

This is how we define guane

AI Solutions to solve industry problems in the context of digital transformation and processes automation based on 4.0 technology tools through software cloud development.

Our experience:
Energy industry
International logistic services
BPO’s and contact centers
Financial and legal companies.



Forecasting platform and analysis of energy generation and demand


Cognitive assistants for document management with artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence-based user hyper-segmentation


Legal framework automation platform

we accelerate and transform your business from technology based knowledge:

Cognitive assistant development based in artificial intelligence for BPOs, Banks and massive industries

Specialized in Software as a Service (PaaS) for power generation and consumption forecasting

Products and development of high impact solutions for the logistics industry

Success Stories

Charlie streamlines the user service and quotation process for freight forwarding, allowing less specialized eyes to be able to carry out the process efficiently and safely.

Charlie reduces the average time of a manual quote from 12 minutes to only 45 seconds, achieving improvements in response time of UP TO 94%, going from 5 quotes to 80 quotes in one hour per person.

Thori offers the possibility of connecting to multiple sources of information through direct data loading or the consumption of databases, cloud containers, APIs, among others.

Thori allows auditing every process and every execution of model construction and execution, and execution of the models, in addition to offering the opportunity to explore the most representative metrics of model error and performance.

Avigail allows us to strengthen the legal framework of any process, maintaining real-time access to the information that supports it.


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