Don’t fall behind and join the 4th industrial revolution!

With our Industry 4.0 solutions powered by artificial intelligence, you’ll enhance
Efficiency, agility, and automation of your business operations.

Who are we?

We are an AI  solutions hub that solves industry challenges in the context of digital transformation and process automation

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Meet THORI AI, a suite of technological solutions that support planning and decision-making in the energy ecosystem. Digitalization is the strategic ally for a sustainable world.


We have developed intelligent cognitive assistants that accelerate your operations and manual processes.

Customized development

At Guane, we believe that every company is unique. That’s why we offer custom software development, understanding the challenges of each industry.

What do we do at Guane?

Competitive advantages

15+ years
Of experience in the energy and logistics industry.
Multidisciplinary knowledge
Comprising PhD and MSc holders who bring their deep knowledge and experience to each project.
Personalized approach
That enables us to deliver unique results.
Continuous research
In technological advancements and the latest trends In innovation.
Of high quality and satisfactory results.
AI platform
 Scalable, robust, and secure.
Extensive training
In natural sciences, physics, mathematics, engineering (electrical, software, physics, and chemistry), and design.
Recognitions in
Innovation and extensive track record in the technology market

Success stories

"Guane is an ally for the organization that has been very helpful in adopting new technologies such as advanced analytics and artificial intelligence"
Simón Pérez
Innovation Manager at Celsia
"The know-how of Guane and its research team is what has interested us the most. Guane is a partner that, thanks to its specialization, knowledge, and previous success in the logistics industry, has had a significant impact in terms of efficiency and digitization."
Yoniel García
Co-founder of Magaya Corporation
"The service provided to us has been of very high quality, the expertise of the teams that have worked with us is evident. They have the potential to generate a lot of value for companies. Guane has been an ideal startup model to work with, and we want to continue working with them"
Daniel Muñoz
Innovation Manager at GEB

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