Our Products

We focus on three main industry sectors: Energy, Health Care and Document Understanding.

AI-based Fleet Management

Based on our patended fuel-consumption AI-based models, we increase your fleet productivity by reducing up to 18% your fuel consumption.

Internet of Energy

We deliver optimized frameworks for decission making process on energy generation based on energy demand.

Document Understanding

Our Cognitive OCR technology process and understand context from a variety of documents ranging from financial statements to Curriculum Vitae.

Emergency Triage

Our patented Emergency Severity Index (ESI) classifier focusses on identifying patients who inmediately requiere medical services to decrease mortality in Emergy Depatments. 

Medical Imaging

We develop AI-based Medical Imaging Classificatiers as a vehicle to provide high quality medical services to people in isolated rutal areas.

Medicament Dose Administration

We develop models for dose administration of strong-side-effect medicaments considering a wide spectrum of patient variables and conditions.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our AI-based solutions go beyond AI models: We design fully integrated Cognitive Assistants that leverage the power of AI and deliver value to our customers.

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