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Our goal as a company is to succeed in a very competitive field with a worldwide scenario. Luckily for us, our team is leading us to that really fast, so we needed to keep records in this section of our website. 

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guane TOP 6 in 2021 ANDI Innovation Ranking

guane ranked 6th in the 2021 ANDI Innovation Ranking of small companies in Colombia and 46th over in 340 companies that represent 43% of Colombia GDP.

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guane TOP 1 in 2021 AI based Open Innovation Ranking

guane won the startup competition of Connect Bogotá and 100 Open Startups in Colombia in the AI sector. We ranked top 7 in the overall ranking!

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guane TOP 3 in 2020 ANDI Innovation Ranking

guane ranked 3rd in the 2020 ANDI Innovation Ranking of small companies in Colombia and 49th in Colombia.

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guane won the WEC and SER startup competition

guane won the startup competition of the World Energy Council Colombia and Asociación de Energías Renovables thanks to our fully automatic platform for generating energy demand forecasts.

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guane shares how it aggregates value to its customers

guane accelerates the digital transformation and generates value in the operation of its clients through the automation and optimization of processes supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments

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guane is a Google Cloud Build Partner for Global

Two years ago, when we founded guane Enterprises, we strategically decided to innovate/create/develop/deploy in the Google Cloud Platform. Today, we proudly announce that guane is officially a Google Cloud Build Partner for Global. This means that more customers around the world will learn and benefit from our high-quality ai-based products. Thanks to Google Cloud Partners. See you in the cloud!


guane is part of the World Energy Council 

We are excited to share with our customers and supporters that we’ve received a very special communication on May 15th, 2020:

guane was selected as a formal member of the World Energy Council – Colombia Chapter!



Videoconference: A conversation on solving unsolvable problems with quantum laws

Around two weeks ago, The Financial Times leaked the draft of a scientific article developed by the Google’s quantum computing team and published on a NASA website. In that draft, it was announced that Google’s quantum computer had achieved quantum supremacy, that is, it had been able to perform a task impossible to perform by the most powerful conventional supercomputer. The document was withdrawn without any explanation. Did Google achieve Quantum Supremacy?


Our company in the TOP 10

On August 12th, 2019: guane was selected as part of the Top 10 Colombian SCIENCEPRENEURS of the Academia-Industry Training of the Swiss-Colombian government.


SAP CONTEST: Innomarathon

We are excited to announce that guane got the Third Place in the SAP Innomarathon 2019 in New York. Congratulations to @nilus (Argentina), @Recylink (Chile), @Connect2Drs (Mexico), @Cuko (Brazil) and @Artech (Costa Rica).

SAP Innomarathon 2019

¡Muchas gracias SAP!

¡Muchas gracias guane Team!

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